SE QLD Waste Water Services

The company was founded in 1993. The founder and current owner worked for the first part of his career as a sewerage

engineer with the State Authority with the responsibility for the design, maintenance, and regulation of sewerage facilities, and for the drafting of manuals and codes of practice for the sewerage/

wastewater industry.

This background offered wide experience in the application of the principles of wastewater treatment: it was a thorough theoretical and technical training. Envirotech has earned the reputation of providing the easiest-to

maintain system with the highest effluent quality and the lowest power usage.

The authorities took a liking to our system from its introduction because of its consistently high quality effluent with an absolute

minimum of maintenance being required.

The prototype of the first Envirotech was built in 1987, six years

before being released onto the market.

After 15 years we introduced the Envirotech ASF Gen II. (ASF

– Aerobic Sand Filter), which is a more sophisticated version of the

original ASF incorporating a recirculating sand filter.

It is a more compact system with the A.S.F. being reduced in size

from 20 sq m to 7.2 sq m in surface area (footprint) with no sacrifice

in the extremely high quality effluent for which the original ASF

earned its good reputation.

The technology employed in the Envirotech ASF was a world first.

This unique system meets Advanced Secondary standard.

Envirotech have developed the G.T.U. (Greywater Treatment Unit)

the latest version of which was released in 2008.

As with the ASF Gen 11, it also produces an extremely high-quality effluent (complies with the Qld “Advanced Secondary” Standard).

This system may be used on sewered home sites. Envirotech has the in-house expertise to provide commercial scale

treatment plants for resorts, small communities, schools, and caravan parks, and the like.

We are proud to be the authorised distributor for Envirotech Products.

We can organise plans, Council applications and complete installation.

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