Reports & Permits

System Design and Council Permits

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Almost all alterations and installations regarding sewage treatment and effluent disposal, require a permit from your local council.

A permit is granted based on a Site and Soil Evaluation Report.The evaluation is presented as a report that includes a site plan with the effluent disposal design detailing the proposed works. Once the design is approved, work can commence.

Examples of when these reports are required include:

  • New HSTP and Septic System installation

  • Alterations to existing septic and HSTP systems  

  • New installations and alterations to Land Application Areas (LAAs) i.e. effluent disposal      locations and methods.

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Form 1 Council Application Form

This is a statewide application form for a council permit for regulated plumbing drainage and onsite sewerage work 

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Waste Water Reports

This is a report to nominate the location of the Land Application Area (LAA) and demonstrates to the council that the effluent disposal location complies with the numerous Codes, Acts and Regulations.

The report details that the system is sufficiently designed for the intended outcome.

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